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Krimar provides web site design and graphic design services.
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MomAid needed a brand new logo and website created from scratch.  We provided them with business cards, letterhead, and a complete website under Krimar's CMS.
Forget & Matthews had a logo, but no online presence at all. Krimar developed a complete site design incorporating their existing logo. The Forget & Matthews site is also the under control of Krimar's CMS, allowing them to make changes to their site on their own.
Greta's Organic Gardens had an existing site that displayed their product catalog and prices. To place an order, customers needed to write down product numbers and fax or email their order. Krimar has redesigned this site to use e-Commerce technology. Customers can now easily purchase products using a shopping cart and can easily submit their order and pay online. Using the administrative interface, Greta's Organic Gardens can now easily update the online product catalog and can mark products as out-of-stock. These changes have greatly increased the customer experience for this online store.
Glenlyn Homes had an existing site that was in need of repair. Krimar provided them with a brand new site with all new graphics and layour. The Glenlyn Homes site is now under control of Krimar's Content Management System (CMS). They can now easily add new homes and models to their site.
The Arosa had an existing web site that was outdated and in need of a fresh new image. They were also extremely interested in being able to control the contents of their site using Krimar's CMS. Krimar redesigned the Arosa web site and transferred control of the site to Krimar's CMS. They can now easily manage their site on their own.
The Embassy West had an existing web site that was difficult and costly to maintain. We transferred control of their web site to Krimar's CMS. They can now easily maintain their site through the use of an on-line WYSIWYG editor and have virtually eliminated all costly web designer fees.
Landry's Woodworking
We provided Landry's Woodworking with a new digital identity. Complete with a new company logo and web site. The site features on-line order forms and gallery. Landry's Woodworking is now also controlled by Krimar's CMS. This site is updated daily by its owners easily, with no web designer fees.

Anna's Ethetics contacted Krimar to help get them started in the world of online marketing. Krimar developed an impressive looking site that will attract customers.
Maritime Paper Products (MPP) had a new site designed and new graphics. Krimar developed backend database applications for their site to provide the functionality they needed. MPP's site is also under control of Krimar's CMS.
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