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Let your ideas take flight under the wings of Krimar.
Krimar provides web site design and graphic design services.
Contacting Krimar is the first easy step toward selling your product online.  We will create a user friendly on-line store that keeps customers coming back.  Krimar uses osCommerce as the base for its online stores.  osCommerce sites come with many standard features such as:
  • Easy administrative interface: easily add/remove products or categories
  • Shopping carts: temporary shopping cart for guests and permanent cart for registered customers
  • Payment: numerous payment methods available such as PayPal, 2Checkout, etc...
  • Shipping: functionality built in such as weight and destination based shipping
  • Tax flexibility: allows different tax rates for products or customer locations
  • Stock Level Tracking: tracks the stock level for each product and prevents sales when stock is depleted

In addition to the many built in features, Krimar will customize the graphics and layout of your online store.  If you have an existing website, the graphics can be incorporated into your new store.  If you do not have professionally designed graphics, Krimar can design the new graphics for your online store from scratch.

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